Marketing Sciences is a services and consulting firm with deep experience and expertise in helping early and growth stage companies develop, define and execute corporate, product, marketing and sales strategies and tactics.

MSci staff's experience and expertise are in the following areas:

Corporate & Product Strategy

Case Study:
The senior management team of the largest privately held storage vendor realized that without a value added strategy, their current lead & market position would erode within 2 to 3 years.

The new CTO had a vision, but he needed a jump start it while he built the internal team & solidified buy-in across the company.

MSci provided:
Knowledge of the target market & vendors
Expertise in defining the CTO's Vision
A broad network of global contacts

Product Strategy & Go To Market Planning

Case Study:
The senior management team of a Silicon Valley based software vendor realized that they were falling behind the start-ups in their core market.

The product management team proposed an idea for a new product to leverage the existing infrastructure technology & to accelerate sales. Senior management was uncertain as to the viability of the new product and sought a 3rd party opinion.

MSci provided:
Knowledge of the target market & competitive vendors
Expertise in reviewing product & GTM plans
An external view of the new product

Intellectual Property Protection & Revenue Mix Modeling

Case Study:
The senior management team of a Chicago based technology vendor realized that they were in danger of losing their IP rights & the rights to a lucrative new revenue stream to a customer.

A premier customer presented terms & conditions that usurped the rights of the vendor in managing and protecting their IP and imposed restrictions on a potential new revenue stream.

MSci provided:
A revision of the contract language
Expertise in presenting the language in a win/win manner
A more expansive view of the revenue model & mix
On-site presentations and meetings with the customer to make the changes needed

Positioning, Value Proposition Refinement & Sales Process Modification

Case Study:
Two technology vendors in the analytics market realized that they were not growing at the same rate as the broader market & prospects seemed reluctant to enter into sales cycles with their teams.

In both cases the senior management team had little to no visibility into what the broader market was offering and the current pricing models that were prevalent.

MSci provided:
A reality check on the value propositions being communicated
Insight into where the pricing models were out of alignment
Process management & participation in sales calls

MSci also provides services in:

Analyst Relations, Communications, Spokesperson

Market Research:
Market Sizing, M&A

Fund Raising:
Pitch Development, Introductions, Process Management

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